CCP is comprised of intrepid pioneers willing to push their talents to the limits to create award winning virtual worlds and online games.


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3D Character AnimatorReykjavik, IcelandArt
QA Analyst – EVE: ValkyrieNewcastle, UKQuality Assurance
Senior ArtistReykjavik, IcelandArt
Senior ProducerLondon, UKProduction
Senior ProducerReykjavik, IcelandProduction
User Interface DesignerReykjavik, IcelandDesign

It is a team that possesses the drive and ability to break through the boundaries of conventional wisdom and hold fast in frontiers that others fear to tread. As a result, we have built a team comprised of 20 nationalities, speaking 30 languages and from every walk of life all sharing the same trait, the capacity to successfully accomplish what many have told them was "impossible" to do.


Those who welcome the tides of change, venture fearlessly into the unknown and bear the abilities necessary to overcome what others consider to be impossible should seek out CCP. Ours is the adventure you have been looking for.


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